laurence dougal myers


This tool lets you unpack and re-pack game resources for the game "The Adventures of Robin Hood" by Millenium Interactive.

It has support for converting:

  • Script
  • Image
  • Text strings
  • Tile-map data
  • Misc data

It converts files to and from nicer file formats; images get converted to PNG files, binary scripts are decompiled into a text format, and misc data is converted into JSON files.

This tool is intended for producing new games using the same engine as Robin Hood. There is an effort underway to implement the engine in ScummVM; once this is completed, you could theoretically create new games for any device that can run ScummVM.

Please view the for more information.

The source code repository and issue tracker for this application is available on GitHub:


Latest Version

v1 r0 (2013-06-16)
  • Initial Release


These downloads are for version:
v1 r0

(Older downloads can be found on the "History" tab)