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A tool to assist in adding or replacing speech to the old LucasArts adventure games that make use of MONSTER.SOU or *.BUN sound resources. Useful in re-dubbing the game for translation. It only works on sound resources that have been compressed using the ScummVM tools; as such, the games will only be playable using ScummVM.

This tool works on text extracted with scummtr; this program is included in the Win32 Binaries package for ScummSpeaks. Note that the text must be extracted with particular settings.

Currently, ScummSpeaks only supports modifying MONSTER.SOU or .BUN files that have been compressed to another format, using the ScummVM tools.

You can also theoretically use it to add speech to games that never originally had it! Check out this video on YouTube of speech in Monkey Island 2, with your typical puerile humour text modifications. It's pretty rough with a few script errors, but I did the hack before I made ScummSpeaks or Scummbler, so I was manually hex-editing scripts and copy-pasting longs strings of arbitrary numbers to play the speech.

Here's a better hack, demonstrating a text-to-speech proof of concept, which is necessary for a few areas of the game where variables are used instead of hard-coded strings.



Public Domain

Latest Version

v3 r5 (2012-02-12)
  • Add (hacky) suport for Curse of Monkey Island (CoMI) - note that you should only use the exported BUN file, and ignore the TAB file (because the sound files are split across two BUN files, and while you can load the one LANGUAGE.TAB file which contains mappings for both BUN files, you can only load one BUN file at a time into ScummSpeaks).
  • Import/Export Sync and Marker metadata as list of bytes for V7+ resources (.BUN).
  • Fix default value for LipSynch metadata in older resources (<= V6, MONSTER.SOU)


These downloads are for version:
v3 r5

(Older downloads can be found on the "History" tab)



Version: v3 r1

Last updated: 2010-10-20

An online copy of the ScummSpeaks manual.


v3 r4 (2011-05-12)

Release Notes

  • Fix issue where importing sounds into a MONSTER speech map did not sort the sounds by ID (original offset), resulting in invalid game resources when exporting.

v3 r3 (2011-03-30)

Release Notes

  • Fix issue regarding trying to export a sound resource which contains unused sounds (not mapped to any line of text)

v3 r2 (2010-12-14)

Release Notes

  • Fix inability to save text files ("AttributeError: 'TextData' object has no attribute 'save_to_file'")
  • Fix "TypeError: decoding Unicode is not supported" when using "Find" dialog

v3 r1 (2010-10-21)

Release Notes

  • Big overhaul! Redesigned how ScummSpeaks works; it now stores mappings of sounds to lines of speech, saved in an XML file, and both the text and sounds must be exported to game resources as a final step. (You will need to manually use ScummTr to insert the text back into the game directory.)
  • You now need to import an existing text file and sound resource, in order to create and work on a Speech Map.
  • Adds support for BUN resources, as used by The Dig.
  • Support for metadata such as lip-synching tags.
  • Includes a small utility, "trspack", to decode and encode the *.TRS file used in The Dig, which stores subtitles for cutscenes.
  • Import/Export Sounds now uses XML files for each sound, to provide information on which line number the sound should be played on.
  • Removed all support for original game sound resources that use VOC files; ScummSpeaks now only works on sound resources that have been compressed with the ScummVM tools (compress_scumm_sou and compress_scumm_bun).
  • Better dialog for "scummtr", effectively giving it a nice frontend.
  • Binary distribution includes the "scummtr" executable.
  • More alert messages when things have finished processing, or errors have occurred.
  • Text comments and sound comments are stored in the Speech Map XML file.
  • In the sound list display, if no custom comment for a sound has been entered, it will display the associated line of dialogue from the text file.
  • You can now sort by some columns.
  • New manual.

v2 r2 (2009-04-26)

Release Notes

  • You can now do a mass import/export of sounds that automatically map to line numbers, including lip-synch tags.

v2 r1 (2008-12-26)

Release Notes

  • Improved text searching
  • Explicit choice of monster.sou file type
  • Ability to edit text
  • Export script-formatted text
  • Some bug fixes & internal restructuring
  • Removed the ability to import/export partial projects (old code is still in the source).