laurence dougal myers

DRO Trimmer v4 r3 has been released.

  • New: can specify a "chip write delay" in drotrim.ini, allowing emulation of tiny pauses between writing instructions to an OPL2/OPL3 chip.
  • New: dro_split: can now split songs to multiple DRO files, one per channel. (Previously, you could only split to WAV files.)
  • Fix: audio stream is now only opened when first audio output occurs. This means dro_split no longer tries to open an audio stream, which could fail on PCs with limited audio capabilities. Also try to close the audio stream when the app exits.
  • Fix: dro_player: the playback counter is now more accurate.
Also, I had to wipe out the BitBucket source code repository and recreate it, to fix some dodgy older commits. If you have cloned the repo in the past, please clone it again. Sorry for any inconvenience.